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NOTICE October 24, 2014
We are pleased to announce that MyLunchMoney, the on-line payment system to fund Food Service student accounts, will be accepting payments on Friday, October 24, 2014 at 12 noon.  We thank you for your patience during its inoperative time.

You will find information on school lunch menus, the Free and Reduced Lunch Program, and health and wellness initiatives.
Manchester School District is now offering the myLunchMoney.com service to all of our parents and students. With this service participants can monitor meal account balances and meal participation history on line. There is no charge for using this service to check account balances and history. 

By creating a secure online account, deposits can be made to student lunch accounts by debit or credit card. You can also set up automatic recurring payments to student accounts. A fee for $1.95 per transaction is charged by myLunchMoney for this service. Cash and checks will still be acceptable forms of payment at School cafeterias or the District Food Service Office. 

Please follow the attached link to the myLunchMoney website for complete details regarding the other convenient features and enrollment information. MyLunchMoney.com accounts will not update with student information unless the student's current/correct school site, grade level, and an 8-digit student ID number are on file in MyLunchMoney account. Please note that if your student changes school's within the district you will need to manually update this information on the MyLunchMoney website. The cost of the elementary school lunch meal is $2.00 and the middle/high school lunch meal is $2.25. The reduced meal price is $.40.  
The employment application for food service daily substitute is not available through our online system.  Please email 
sloftus@mansd.org or call 624-6300 x120 to obtain application materials.

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