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Healthy Snack Ideas

The following is a list of healthy snack ideas:
  • Fruit wedges, fruit slices or fruit salads (use different shapes and dip in lemon or orange juice to prevent browning) 
  • New fruits (star fruit, pomegranate, tangelo, mango, kiwi, golden raspberries) 
  • Apple or banana slices with *peanut butter or small amount of cinnamon and brown sugar 
  • Fruit with low fat or nonfat yogurt and small amount of cool whip 
  • Dried fruits such as raisins, cranberries, cranraisins 
  • Fruit cups in its own juice or in light syrup including applesauce, peaches, pineapple, and fruit mix 
  • Berry parfaits with low fat or nonfat vanilla yogurt and *granola 
  • Bugs on a log (celery or banana with *peanut butter or reduced fat cream cheese and dip in *granola or raisins) 
  • Baby carrots, grape tomatoes, celery sticks, broccoli or cauliflower florets, cucumber spears, red, yellow, green or orange pepper strips with reduced fat salad dressing or hummus 
  • String cheese, cheese cubes or cheese slices and wheat crackers (preferably part skim or reduced fat cheeses) 
  • Flavored milk 
  • Low Fat or Nonfat Fruit Smoothies (made with fresh or frozen fruit, ice, and yogurt) 
  • Nonfat or Low fat Yogurts or Go-gurts 
  • *Nut assortment (with shells or without) 
  • Wraps (turkey, ham, cheese, hummus, vegetable) cut into ¼’s or ½’s or 1/2 sandwiches 
  • Quesadillas with cheese and beans 
  • Make your own trail mix (cheerios, chex, raisins, goldfish, *peanuts, *granola, *cashews, etc.) 
  • Pita crisps (cut pita into triangles and brush with olive oil and Parmesan cheese and bake in the oven until crisp) 
  • Wheat crackers with tabbouleh, hummus, cheese or peanut butter 
  • Baked blue corn or yellow corn tortilla chips with vegetable or fruit salsa or melted cheese 
  • Pretzels (pretzel goldfish, rods, sticks, braided) 
  • Homemade banana, carrot, zucchini breads 
  • Small bagels with low fat spreads (sprinkle a little brown sugar & cinnamon on top of the spread to spice it up a little) 
  • Low fat popcorn (sprinkle Parmesan cheese on it when it is hot) 
  • wheat English muffin with cheese and tomato sauce 
 * These foods may not be appropriate for children with peanut allergies or for peanut free classrooms. KEEP REUSABLE CONTAINERS ON HAND FOR SCHOOL. 

 12 Healthy Breakfast Ideas 

  1. Smoothies (fruit, yogurt and ice in a blender) 
  2. Oatmeal and fruit (raisins, bananas) and milk 
  3. Fruit (berries or bananas) and cold cereal and a low sugar, high fiber. (Some choices are raisin bran, shredded wheat, cheerios, bran flakes, wheat chex, kashi) 
  4. Chopped fruit and yogurt dip (cut up berries, melon, pineapple, grapes) 
  5. English muffin pizza with cheese and sauce 
  6. Sliced apples and peanut butter 
  7. Wheat toast with peanut butter and jelly and fruit 
  8. One half sandwich with cheese and meat 
  9. Scrambled eggs, cheese, and chopped tomatoes in a tortilla 
  10. Wheat bagel with reduced fat cream cheese, cinnamon, and raisins 
  11. Trail Mix (granola, raisins, nuts, chex) 
  12. Non traditional breakfast like leftovers from last night 

Non-Food Ways to Celebrate Birthday Parties in School 

  • Donate a book to the school library or classroom in honor of the child’s birthday with a personalized gift acknowledgment plate inside 
  • Donate playground/physical activity equipment- jump ropes, balls etc. 
  • Celebrate with active games chosen by the students 
  • Have a dance party 
  • Celebrate one birthday party per month for all the birthdays that month. The celebration can consist of playing dance music, having an extra recess that day, or having one large cake that month 
  • Distribute holiday or school party favors for the classroom. Examples are pencils, mini notebooks, rulers, Christmas ornaments, mini pumpkins or gourds, heart shaped erasers, Dollar Store Items, packs of flower, or fruit or vegetables seeds. 

 Healthy Snack List for Parties 

  • Small bottles or cartons of flavored milk, 100% juice, cider, smoothies and water 
  • Fresh fruit tray-whole, wedges, slices (dip in orange juice to retain color)
  • Fresh vegetable tray (baby carrots, grape tomatoes, celery sticks, cucumber spears, red and green bell pepper strips, cauliflower and broccoli florets) with reduced fat ranch or yogurt-based dip
  • String cheese, cheese cubes or slices with whole grain crackers 
  • Low fat pudding cups, low fat yogurt squeeze packs or cups 
  • Fruit with low fat yogurt dip 
  • Finger sandwiches or sliced wrap sandwich pinwheels
  • Pretzels, low fat popcorn, trail mix**
  • Animal crackers, goldfish, oatmeal raisin cookie*
  • Yogurt, fruit and granola parfaits*
  • Brownie made with fruit puree instead of oil*
  • Baked tortilla chips with fruit salsa
  • Mini muffins, banana bread, “healthy” (guidelines are on the web site) granola bars* 
 **Please check with your classroom teacher about nut or other allergies in the classroom. 

 Creative Fund Raising Ideas 

  • walk-a-thons
  • bike-a-thons 
  • jump-rope-athons
  • rent-a-teen helper (rake leaves, water gardens, mow lawns, wash dog)
  • car wash (pre-sell tickets as gifts) 
  • singing telegrams
  • talent shows
  • read-a-thons 
  • spelling bee
  • science fairs
  • carnivals (halloween, Easter)
  • dances (kids, father/daughter, family, Sadie Hawkins) 
  • workshops/classes
  • festivals 
  • recycling cans/bottles/paper
  • golf tournament
  • bowling night/bowl-a-thon 
  • skate night/skate-a-thon
  • auction (teacher does something for kids)
  • raffles (teachers do a silly activity)
  • magic show 
  • family/glamour portraits 
  • treasure hunt/scavenger hunt 
  • tennis/horseshoe competition
  • penny wars (pennies+1 point, nickels+5, quarters+25, team w/most points wins) 
  • raffle (movie passes, theme bags) 
  • rent-a-teen helper
  • auction
  • workshop/class
  • conference
  • treasure hunt/scavenger hunt
  • craft sales 
  • tennis/horseshoe pitching competition 
  • golf tournament 
  • recycling cans/bottles/paper 
  • festivals 

Fund Raising Web Sites (fundraiser.html)